Soch & Kaanch Live at Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus

Pakistan is passing through its one of the most critical stages in history. The floods have effected more then 20 million people who are now mostly homeless and penniless. They are desperately in need of our help and support. Beconhouse Garden town in cooperation with the head office to collect aid and charity is organizing a GIG Night at Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus with open invites for the ALGC and Johar Town Campus. All t…he revenue generated through tickets will generously be donated to flood victims through Beaconhouse flood relief campaign.
Outsiders are not allowed.

Underground Bands include:
Soch (PMR)
Freestylerz Co
The Others
Kaanch (PMR)
Usama Moeen
Hassan Sheikh
Deja Vu nd Psyche Out

Our Media Partner is PMR.

Tickets will soon be available to their respected Headgirls and Headboys.

For further details contact:

Ali Raza (Event Manager)
0321 4119884

Sarim Bhatti (Headboy)
0322 4420505

Shagan Bashir (President Music Society GT)
0312 4433304

Mir Omer (Band Manager)
0315 4244661

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