Artist: Raah
Song: Meri Jaan

Written by: Ashaar Azmat and Arafat Rafi
Composed by: Ashaar Azmat and Hassan Murad
Guitars by: Jibran Mahmood and Adeel (strings)
Music by: Dj Ali Mustafa and Adeel (strings) at Digital inn studios
Mixed and Mastered by: Dj Ali Mustafa

Meri Jaan is a remake of RaaH the bands old song Intezaar.. the basic reason for making a new version was that Waqar Malik is out of the band… and becuse Intezaars lyrics were written by him so a new song has been made out of the music and the composed parts of intezaar which belonged to RaaH and Waqars lyrics were given to him so that he could work on his on verison with his upcoming band named X-CELL the band..

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  1. ashaar, jibran & hassan…..
    awsome song man… u guys do i know i love ur songs awein tou nei bulaya tha 2 dafa sialkot… :P:P
    best of luck guys… i hope u guys become the best…..


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