Pal was taken as ‘ Jaine Jaine ‘ by Shoaib Mansoor for movie Khuda Ke Liye – song originally written and composed by Sami Khan (Lagan)

Artist : Lagan
Song : Pal

Band Members :

Sami Khan – Vocals / Compostions / Lyrics / Rhythm Guitars
Farhan Ali – Bass
Saad Ul Hassan – Keyboards / Backing Vocals

Vocals : Sami Khan
Keyboards : Saad ul Hassan
Bass : Farhan Ali
Guitars : Xulfi (Call)
Drums : Fahad Khan

Written & Composed by Sami Khan
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Xulfi at Xth Harmonic Studio

Official Website :


Tum Mano, Ya Na Mano
Dil Mein Kya Hai, Yeh Mere Jaane

Kitne Armano Se Aye Yeh Pal
Ak Main Hoon, Ak Tum Ho
Tesra Aur Koi Nahin Hai
Hai Khawab Se Gungunganate Yeh Pal

Tum Mano, Ya Na Mano

Sapno Mein Tha Paya
Yeh Pal Kaise Aya
Main Janon, Na Mera Dil

Tum Mera Haath Thamay
Is Pal Ko Sajao
Na Jane Kyun Chahe Yeh Dil

Dil Tu Dil Hai, Dil Ka Kya Hai
Yeh Apne Bus Mein Kahan Hai
Dar Hai K Bheet Na Jayein Yeh Pal

Tum Mano, Ya Na Mano

Tum Is Pal Ko Jaano, Kehna Tu Mano
Phir Yeh Sama Aye, Na Aye
Yeh Lamhein Suhane,Kal Houn Ya Na Houn

Tum Is Pal Ko Jaano, Kehna Tu Mano
Phir Yeh Sama Aye, Na Aye
Yeh Lamhein Suhane,Kal Houn Ya Na Houn

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  1. A total rip off song bloody heellll!!!

    Khuda ke liye movie ke song ki tune hai “Janie Janie”

    Changed the lyrics you guys are big LOOSERS BIIG ONES GET A LIFE!!! :@ :@ :@

    I HOPE YOU READ THIS MESSAGE AND try to GEt some respect :@

  2. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing…chaa gaya hay SAMI..

    and to the gentleman above ^^ this tune was actual composition of Sami-Lagan & officially taken by Shoaib Mansoor for the movie.

    so next time please do not comment before you know what you are talking about..Thank you…

  3. @ sufyan LMAO it was Lagan’s original composition that was taken by shoaib mansoor for the movie and I think it was a great honor for the band….get your facts straight before making useless criticisms….

  4. superb .. 🙂 chaa gaye ho sami
    starting music mazay ka hy n melody/lyrics n everything is up to the mark expecially ur voice ..
    Its originally by SAMI KHAN( LAGAN) ..
    Best a luck 🙂
    LAGAN ROX ..

    n ppl think b4 you speak ..

  5. lyrics……do work on that….i understand that new bands have this problem…as v do face the same problem…but bhai ji ne sahi kaha hai k kisi se likhwa lo…voxalx r gud….

  6. i think lyrics are simple to the point and compliments the song really well.. i dont see any problems with the lyrics.. lagan melody kings – awesome work!

  7. goooddd worrkkk…. sami….. very nice composition of melody…..its awesome….. i like this one from janie janie…. definatly original is original……. no matter wht……..and for the loosers out dere no worries bro…… ya hav the road….. go on and b da best…………. my wishes are wid ya……go lagan……. ur truly ahmed shehzad

  8. Boom Boom LAGAN ….

    1. A great Composition
    2. Great vocalx
    3. So0perb Melody
    4. Classic Arrangement
    5. Average Lyrics

    it is a main prb of these days that new bands have lack of go0d lyrics .. my band is also facing the same prb 🙂 well no matterz Pakistani bands simply Rock … I just love the way you sing Main Yaad Aunga. Best of luck for the future …

  9. wht the hell is this… a ditto copy of janie janie frm khuda k liye movie… i thnk shoiab mansoor should sue lagaan

  10. everyone is talking about the originality then u guys don’t forget that when they composed this song…then they had a lead
    guitarist whose name is Asfand yar……who actually worked with sami to make this song ready for presentation to shoiab mansoor…..anyhow gud job guys

  11. sameer get your facts right and just dont come support your friend asfand good for nothing. when shoaib mansoor selected this song for his movie at that time asfnad wasnt even introduced to Lagan team. At that time Nasir and Sami were on lead vocals and Waqas was on guitars.


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