The land calls out. Our hearts voice out. The nation speaks out… let’s make it happen! Karo Mumkin
For a nation, there is no power as constructive as its people’s ideas and their courage to make a difference. For giving Pakistan a promising future, all we need to do is start realizing the possibilities we have in our minds for the future of Pakistan, no matter small or big.
Meet inspiring individuals, start constructive conversations, share motivational content and get all the inspiration for Pakistan. It’s time for you to speak out, share ideas and lead the change.


Let’s start over today and take over tomorrow. It’s time to be grateful for what we have today, think what is possible and set out to achieve it.  This is the spirit, which makes us journey towards progress. This is what our country is looking for. No one else will make it Karo Mumkin for us, but the power of your very own conviction.

Imagine what made Hafiz Sahib ignore his blindness to become a researcher. Think what made Sarmad Tariq challenge his paralyzed lower torso to compete in the New York Marathon.  Consider what made Nabeel to set the world record by scoring 26 As in the A level exams. No doubt, it was the power of their self-belief which made them to achieve their ambitions.

The land and its people behold an innate potential which can be tailored to lead us into a prosperous tomorrow. The concept “Karo Mumkin” paves a path for self-initiatives, no matter big or small. It taps on the hidden talents of the nation and encourages people like you to act as agents of change by demonstrating your true feelings for Pakistan and its future.

Telenor & Karo Mumkin

Whether it’s a company or an individual, if you challenge the impossible, then you start realizing the possibilities. Inspired with the same spirit, Telenor is going far beyond mobile services and expanding into new dimensions through its initiatives, products and services. Change is in Telenor’s roots. With its new offerings, Telenor enables you to realize the possibilities & experience the change.


Anwar Maqsood (host)


Obaidullah Baig             Ansar Burney                Atiqa Odho


Fariha Ambreen               Pervaiz Ikram               Ghulam Mohiudin

Coneleus Abner               Zeeshan Shahid               Abdul Haq




Telenor ” Karo Mumkin Show ? ” ( TVC )

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