Artist: Aag The Band
Song: Aag

Band Members:
Haroon Sheikh – Vocals, Lead Guitars
Usman Sheikh – Drums

Official FB Page:

AAG was formed in the summer of 2005 when Haroon Sheikh paired with Nabeel Hussain, sharing a common musical vision.

Usman Sheikh joined the band soon after.

Sharing an appreciation of Neo-classical/Progressive Rock, along with both Eastern and Western Classical music, the band wished to compose songs in which moving melodies were expressed, along with each members’ technical abilities in their instruments. This along with hard hitting, often times controversial lyrics moulded the band’s sound to a versatile style, also combining elements of Jazz/Fusion and Pop music progressions.

The band did small performances initially as a Vocalist/Guitar Player duo, along with rough recordings and jams. It was at that time that Composition and Songwriting was the main focus of the band, resulting in few live performances. After Usman joined, the band did its first live performance in 2006, at the Planet Hard Rock Cafe in Defence, Lahore.

The gig, encompassing of an original number, along with a cover, turned heads and encouraged cheers from the audience, and other bands also performing that night.
With similar reactions in the following gig at AlHamra Cultural Complex, AAG built their fan base with a reputation of both melodic and technical prowess. This along with powerful stage presence summed up the band as a solid live act.

Because of their songwriting prowess, AAG was selected to represent Pakistan in the Azme Ali Shan National Song Competition 2010– one of the central events of the Azme Ali Shan Initiative. Their sound has gained praises from renowned members of the music industry, such as Strings and Fuzon, and was described as, “…earthy and rustic combining with a modern pop element…”.

The band aspires to create an original sound, the like thereof has never been witnessed before.

After a hiatus between 2007-2009, AAG is back with their debut single titled “AAG”.

As an anthem for Pakistan’s youth, the song delves into the feelings of the people during the seperation in 1947, and what is now in the hearts of the commonfolk of Pakistan.

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  1. Amazing video. Brilliant song. Mixture of raag and rock with patriotic and intelligent lyrics creates a potent melody, that I will be humming for the rest of the day. Great effort.

  2. Those people who think this song sucks are nothing but losers !! The guy has an awsome voice , the song is simple yet powerful. Its different, Its New. Grow up people .. develop some taste in music

  3. Awesome Solo! … very catchy song (I would never have thought of using Peelu for the kind of lyrics the song has, brilliant!)

  4. those who are calling this song faarigh can enjoy taking a piss in outdoor khaits and enjoy truck music.
    this is one real song from pakistani DEAD underground music industry. and this man actually knows the real use of guitars. check their other song “kalfa”. its another cool song.
    briliant work guys. keep producing this kinda music and kill faarigh bands in underground scene.


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