Wajd: ORIGINALITY, DIVERSITY and Exhuming ENERGY … are enough to define WAJD … Wajd is a mood, a feeling, a thought screamed out with an intensity and passion that can only be contained by music.
Formerly an underground grunge band from the 90’s, it has reformed with new line up to exhale their alternative taste. Wajd’s original line-up is Shahzad Hussain as Song-writer, rhythm guitarist, composer & second vocalist, Jahanzeb Afzal as Song writer, Vocalist, rhythm guitarist & Composer and Faraz Siddiqui as the lead guitarist. Hasham is the young talent (bassist) who gives youthful energy to the band’s sound.
Wajd does not want to be categorized in a single genre of music. Instead it wants to experiment with almost all the musical dimensions as they try to discover new horizons with their prolific song writing, innovative compositions and unique sound. They explore diverse topics through their song writing such as philosophy, romance, politics, social issues of Pakistan, nationalism and spirituality among others. As far as their sound is concerned, it’s an interesting mix of grunge, alternative, progressive rock and pop.
WAJD is ready to turn up the commercial heat with their innermost feelings personified as songs. Angst, passion, religion and self-exploration are WAJD.


Shahzad Hussain
A highly message-oriented musician, song-writer and composer par excellence, Shahzad co-founded WAJD with Jahanzeb in late nineties while exploring engineering along with music. He is back with WAJD as a rhythmist and second vocalist.
“Music is the medium through which I satisfy my soul and express my passion for art. All my compositions wish to create awareness and bring about positive changes in the society by exploring social, political, philosophical and spiritual issues confronting the world today. For me Music is Love, Truth, Peace and Joy and WAJD is a platform through which I can explore and spread these concepts in the best way possible”.

Jahanzeb Afzal
A lyricist and song writer of a third kind, his words describe his state of mind. His emotions & feelings flow through his lyrics just like a current through high voltage wire.
An engineer by profession, Jahanzeb writes about the wrongs of society and the daily problems of life. His words are that of an every day youth and are powerful enough to tear through the heart and mind.
“I think of my band as a bunch of painters, who are filling colours in an abstract painting. For me music is an art and art is my religion …oxygen for my soul. It is one best way to let out our anger in a constructive manner!

Faraz Siddiqui

A creative genius, who has traveled the depths of music, in search of “the perfect sound”, Fiz brings to Wajd his years of experience in professional studio session playing with industry’s top names.
“WAJD has opened for me, doors to new world of exploration. I feel that the band illustrates some aspect of every member’s personality. It lets me express the angst I feel for the wrongs in the society and the helplessness I feel towards them”

Hasham Khan

The guy who wears the HAT – a bassist who plays groovy melody and supporting hooks for WAJD. A student, a teacher and a mathematician by profession, Hasham is an idea bank for band’s compositions. He is a fresh and talented addition to recently reformed WAJD. Though he has joined the band quite recently but is surely a major part of the team and creates inline with the depth of every song.
“When Faraz approached me to join WAJD I thought of playing simple notes initially. But when I jammed with these guys I realized that Faraz did not simply want a bass player rather he wanted me to join in on the compositions and add my creative juices to the jug : ) I like to play with freedom and try multiple bass techniques within a song and WAJD is a platform to be on for experiencing and experimenting new things… and yes Faramoshi has given a HAT to my credits.”


June, 2010
WAJD’s debut album to be released soon

June, 2008
WAJD signed up with “Fire Records” for their debut album titled as “Toofan-e-Munn”

April, 2008
Another single “Tanhai” launched

August, 2007
Video of “Muntazir” hits all the major music channels on 14th August, directed by Zeeshan Pervaiz.

July 2007
Wajd shares another track … Muntazir.

April 2007
WAJD starts recording in Sarmad Ghafoor’s studio (Rungg’s guitarist) in Islamabad to complete their first album in the coming few months.

March 2007
Shahzad H. Khan re-joins WAJD as a song-writer, composer, rhythmist and second vocalist.

Feburary 2007
Wajd releases a joint venture along with Razam & Jurss : Soch

11th May 2006
Jeena Chahta Hoon’s Video released in electronic media.

1st May 2006
Wajd performs live at M Live, Rocking a limited number of people

11th March 2006
Wajd performs live in their first unplugged performance in a local arena. No electronic Gadgets, No wires, No effects, Just pure Unplugged.

January 2006
Faramoshi is number 12 on top 100 videos of 2005 on THE MUSIK.

The leading underground music web site “MISIKGROUND.COM” starts working as web promoters for WAJD.

December 2005
Faramoshi enters in pakstop and tops the chart in pakmusic forums.

Faramoshi enters the chart on the TV channel “nVibe”

November 2005
Video for Faramoshi released on all major TV channels.
“Faramoshi” and “Main Jeena chahta hoon” are still being aired on all major radio channels.

October 2005
Video shoot for Faramoshi in International Studios. Farhan Golden is the D.O.P. Faraz Siddiqui directs the video. The band contributes the wardrobe along with other funds and relief goods to the earth quake victims.
Photo shoot by Rehan Omar Dada.

October, 2005
WAJD recorded “Main Jeena Chahta hoon” – the second single of their debut album. This highly acclaimed single is a musical extravaganza. Composed, Sequenced and arranged in Allah Ditta Studios, Main Jeena Chahta Hoon is a sad musical Epic from the band. Thanks to Imran Dogger for his RAAG and Spiritual vocals to fill the “Empty Spaces”. Faraz speaks about the song “After Faramoshi, nobody can expect that we can do Main jeena chahta hoon kind of song. But that’s what we are “unpredictable”, making all kind of music, not fitting in one genre. May be the next song is going to be inspired by Qawwali.

June, 2005
WAJD records faramoshi- the first single from their debut album. The sequencing and recording was done by Ali Raza and Dixon Wilson mixed it. In an interview Jahanzeb described the song as “Faramoshi: is a self expression, the desire of a man to be away from the world, to spend time alone. It is an escapist scream. The song starts off with story of a man who is completely lost and numb due to insane chain of events happening around him and in the world altogether. He wishes to go to a place where he is neither rewarded for his talents nor punished for his sins. The character is so “moved away” from the general “chill program” advices by his friends that he curses the worldly sympathies all the time. The song takes a complete U-turn when it slows in the middle and the character reaches the “Eutopia”. Again when he reaches that state where he desires to be alone and with out any support, he begins to miss the rest of the real (problematic) world. To conclude, it’s a song about ” confused restless souls”

June, 2005
WAJD reformed with Jahanzeb and Faraz from Original line up and Hasham as a new bass player. Jahanzeb claimed at the launch ceremony “We are not an underground band anymore. We are ready to face the commercial heat this time”

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