VJ Ahmed Safde – Interview by Tayyaba Khushi

PMR. What is your Date of Birth and birth place? Where have you spend your childhood?
I was born on the 8th of March 1984 in Peshawar. Im a proud pathan. Well ive spent all my childhood in karachi, even though when i was born my family lived in dubai but shortly after my birth they decided to shift to karachi.

PMR. How did you become a VJ?
Well its a long story but to sum it up in a nutshell i got an offer to do a sitcom for ARY and while i was at it i met my current boss Mr. Danish Khawaja who believed that i had it in me to become a VJ. So i tried my luck at it, didnt think i could hack it at first but yes than slowly and gradually learnt the art, i feel im still learning, everyday!

PMR. ‘Just Drive’ is a compartive unqiue show, giving information about automobiles. Are you a complete Car freak?
Oh yes! It just happened to be so that i was asked to join ARY MUSIK (The Musik) at that time and instantly asked to do a car show which obviously was a difficult task, but then again i love challenges and it was a challenge. Keeping in mind my undying love for cars i thought it was a perfect way to make my dream come true! Drive everything and anything that is on the roads of Pakistan!

PMR. Which is your favourite car & model?
Well i have loads of favourites, but if i categorize, in a sedan i would definitely go for a Mercedes S 600L, favourite suv would be the latest Range Rover Sport HSE and in sports cars, or super cars i am a fan of Lamborghini and yeah the Mercedes S65 AMG. That car, is a bomb!

PMR. Your other show ‘All For Love’ , who is the one who came up with the concept?
Well to be honest, Fati and i, VJ Fatima, we had come together about 5 years back to give our audition and while at it we decided we wanted to do a show together and it would be something alone the lines. But then Fati left for Australia and i had to start the show with another VJ. But yeah to begin with it was Fati and I who came up with the concept.

PMR. How successfully have you solved people`s love problem?
Well thats something im very proud of. Mashallah say the best thing about All For Love is, that we have NEVER had to fake calls or make our own friends family call unless they decide to do that on their own. We have genuine callers and genuine problems and we try our level best in trying to make sure we make all of them smile and be satisfied with what we have to say. So yeah mostly successful at it. Could also be my experience kicking in! haha

PMR. Do you yourelf believ in love?
I do ofcourse! Ive been in love over 4 times! like serious love. hahah and obviously these days its Katrina Kaif, my dream girl!

PMR. If you were to judge mutually, in a relationship, who creates problem (boys or girls)?
Well creating problems! Girls have alot of expectation, but then again boys dont do a good job either so i believe it really depends from person to person, more than a girl boy thing its a personality issue.

PMR.How would you describe VJ Ahmed as a co-host in ‘All For Love’
Well im the one who is non serious always trying to make my audience laugh, giving the “interesting side” to everyones problem and yeah obviously when needed giving advice from the top of my head and obviously the large experience base! haha
And yeah this show couldnt be better without fati, her and i being best friends can connect like no other co hosts can.

PMR. Who has been your ultimate source of support?
Well a cliche answer would be, God, My family and yeah obviously they support me in everything i do, but my major major support has always, till this day been Mr. Danish Khawaja, my boss, who also happens to be a very close friend. Hes my mentor.

PMR. If you were not a VJ the what had you been?
Well honestly i would have probably taken my CSS exam by now and would have been serving in the government which is what i still intend to do this year, inshallah but yeah the delay of 2 years came because i was engrossed in work for my channel.

PMR. At the end of the day how do you relief your stress?
Well our work isnt very stressful, its a whole lot of creativeness and fun, but then again when it gets monotonous all us collegues get together and sit with one another and have a gup shup session.

PMR. What message would you give to the boys and girls who want to become a VJs.
Well, for some reason every youngster these days, (i dont mean to sound conceited) believes that if they have the looks and they can talk about anything spontaneously and have the confidence to face the camera can become a VJ, but honestly this work is more time consuming, more mentally and physically draining than most of the other jobs, so yeah a msg for youngsters who want to become VJs is that dont take this field as if its a money minting outlet, or just about fun and games, it requires alot of hard work, sincerity with your work, having a strong personality incorporated in what you do and most of all, treating this as a full time and a permanent job. Trust me only when you start being honest to yourself and your work will you start getting results, till then youre going to be one of those VJs who come and go.

PMR. What impression does PMR (pakmediarevolution.net) make on you?
I believe serving others, the talent of Pakistan, and providing a positive platform to all the youth of Pakistan is where PMR has really made a name for itself 🙂

Tayyaba Khushi

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  1. well gr8 ahmed….nyc interview….Best ov luck 4 ur showzzz…..All for luv n Just drive!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey bro interesting answers, i lyk ur show JUST DRIVE bcoz i m also crzy 4 cars lyk u…. Lyked ur msg specially telling the truth about becomming a VJ. And my prayers r wid u 4 ur CSS exam n don’t make anymore delay 2 attempt the exam bcoz the time does’nt waits 4 any1. so go 4 it (JUST DO IT!)
    Khudhafiz Take care

  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! you are great!!! all for love is not without you both…
    and youre picsaaaamaaazingg

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