Experiencing Joy of Sorrow

by Madeeha Syed

The fusion-percussion band from Karachi, Taal Karisma, recent ly launched its first official music video of a track called Joy of Sorrow, directed by Nefer Sehgal. Along with the band members it also stars Ali Rizvi and Mehwish Siddiqui.

The video opens with statements like “on January 25th, 2013, the sun disappeared from the skies of Pakistan. This occurrence cannot be explained by any scientific authority. In the six months of darkness that followed, a supernatural power began to emerge from within the chaos.” Alan Simon from Taal Karisma says that the video is based on a ‘true story’ — it shows people with superpowers.

Jokes aside, the video is a take on the struggles an artiste goes through in order to pursue his/her art in this country. The video’s official tagline reads: “A fantasy revolving around the artistes who live to shine within the chaos that is Karachi”. Scenes depict a girl (an ar tiste) running away from evil forces that try to take away her special talent which apparently only she posses. In between she is saved by different members of Taal Karisma who use their superpowers to rescue her.

Once all the baddies are defeated, we discover exactly what was so special about the female protagonist — she places her hands on her painting of the sun and literally brings it to life. Where there was once darkness, there is now light: the world has been saved.

As a debut effort, the video is very good although there are some aspects of it that need fine-tuning here and there. The frames change a little too fast, making it a bit of a strain to sit through it all.

Taal Karisma’s music can, at best, be described as experimental. Joy of Sorrow has many facets to it, depending on how you see it. If listened to in isolation, it takes you on a journey that can lead you almost anywhere on a wide landscape between the extreme points of joy and sorrow, respectively. ¦

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