Artist: King Ly Chee
Song: This Is Our New Beginning

King Ly Chee is a hardcore band from Hong Kong, China. The founder/singer of this band is Pakistani (the rest of the band members are Chinese)! His name is Rizwan and he started the band in 1999. Having accomplished as MUCH as a heavy band is able to accomplish in this otherwise commercial-pop dominated world, he can only dream that one day his hard-working band can go to his birthplace (he was born in Karachi but grew up in Hong Kong) for shows or a tour.

“11 years and still here breathing Hong Kong…it’s in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why do we always talk about problems here? Because we want our beautiful home to be the best it can be…nothing wrong with that.” – King Ly Chee (taken from their website)

King Ly Chee has been touring all over Asia for the past 11 years. They did a DIY tour of Eastern Europe in 2006 that took them to Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Austria. This summer they’re playing festivals in Singapore (Baybeats), Korea (Busan Rock Festival) and China. They’ve had the immense pleasure to tour and perform with the following metal and hardcore bands: Korn, Horse the Band, Himsa, 100 Demons, Envy, Comeback Kid, Terror, First Blood, Bane, Shadows Fall, Darkest Hour, NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Born From Pain, Glassjaw, and many others…

Brian – guitar
Riz – vocals
Egas – drums
Joe – bass
Kent – guitar

In the LIVE video below you can watch King Ly Chee perform at the Philippines’ biggest rock festival called “SUMMER SLAM” where they performed in front of 32,000 people and with the singer of Shadows Fall (Brian Fair) standing on the stage watching them!

“Thank you to all the Pakistanis all over the world that are going to start taking an interest in this band!!! It means the world to me!!! A big HUGE thank you to PMR for promoting ALL sorts of Pakistani music to the world – it’s because of you that finally people in the Pakistani world will start to hear of us!” – Rizwan Farooqi (singer of King Ly Chee)

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  1. This is amazing! Big HUGE thank you to Pak Media Revolution for ALSO supporting acts like that are not pop or commercial in anyway! It shows their sincerity that they’re just about supporting Pakistani artists regardless of where they live and what type of music they play!

    You guys are amazing!

    For anyone who is interested feel free to check us out at the links that Sohaib posted above! We check these websites everyday and if you message us, we WILL reply 🙂

    Best regards from Hong Kong!


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