Artist: Wajood
Song: Wajood Hai Mera / Meri Dunya

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1. Tell us something about your band members and what do they do apart from producing music?

A. Waqas is vocalist and he is a technology geek. He is a senior project coordinator with a leading IT firm. Waqar is the bassist and is taking care of dad’s business. Faraz is the lead guitarist / rhythm guitarist and he is studying. Ahmed is a drummer and is completing his advanced diploma from Malaysia. Jawad Kureishi (myself) is a trainer, consultant and motivational speaker. I am handling international operations for a multinational firm for US, PK and Philippines region.

2. How did THE BAND get interested in music and who was their inspiration?

A. It was sudden chemistry when I(Jaydee) found out that the four young guys were having a lot of potential to become professional musicians. It somewhere happened in 2004 and then the band worked on their learning process.

3. Tell something about album “WAJOOD HAI MERA”.

A. “Wajood hai mera” is a unique album. We had a lot of songs to choose from since I have written more than 500 songs, my diaries were a blessing for the band. The album is pop-rock and contains melodious numbers. The song “Wajood hai mera” itself is a life lesson for many.

4. What are your favorite bands and musicians?

A. Favorite Bands = Guns n Roses, Eagles, Metallica, Linkin Park, Roxette & Oasis.

B. Favorite Musicians = Kenny G, Brian Adams, Adnan Sami, A. R. Rahman & Eric Clapton.

5. Do The Band like playing live or electronic more?

A. I am proud to say that Wajood is very good in live playing. Their acoustic sessions are heart throbbing and awesome. In many situations, it depends J

6. What do you think should be the quality of good music?

A. The quality of good music is based on the soothing music, great lyrics that make sense and amazing composition.

7. What are your expectations from “WAJOOD HAI MERA”

A. We have released the album in a time where Pakistan is facing many issues. People like to watch news more than any channel however we are still very hopeful that things will improve. “Wajood Hai Mera” is a hardwork of brothers with all their heart and soul in it. A common man is going to love the album. So far its doing good in the market and our fans and new listeners are giving positive feedback.

8. What is the importance of music video’s for you?

A. Music video serves as clothing for a song. Its very important to have a music video that complements the song.

9. Which song is closest to the band and why?

A. The song that is closest to every member of the band is “Gaye hoa tum”. It is based on my real life story and it was the first song that I completed a couple of years ago.

10. Tell us something about your upcoming album and who’s going to be directing your videos?

A. Well the first album is in the market. The second album’s songs are ready however we are still yet to decide a name for the album. Both Aisee lagi and Gaye hoa tum’s videos were directed by me and lets see if I can explore more as a director J

11. Is there going to be a long gap between your first and second album?

A. I don’t think so. The second album is more commercial and we have already started working on the numbers.

A. Who directed Wajood’s music videos and how was their experience directing Wajood’s videos?

B. I directed both the videos and my experience was pretty good. My band was very supportive and gave the chance to me though it was my first time. The first video was shot in Islamabad in December 2008. It was a very experience and I learned a lot. Faysal Qureshi was acting in it and my part was of a love guru. The second video was shot in Baluchistan and the total duration of the shoot was 2.5 hours.

12. Who writes lyrics for Wajood band?

A. Jawad Kureishi (that’s me) J

13. What is your message for Wajood fans?

A. We have added all our passions and feelings to this album “Wajood hai mera”. It is the album that will touch you in every aspect of your life and you will feel as if it’s a part of your eco-system. Your support is imperative to us and we always need your comments, feedback and suggestions to improve in many ways. Keep listening and we love you very much!

B. Do visit our website and write to us on and on the other end, please join us on facebook by searching “Wajood Band”. Our videos are available on Youtube to watch.

Future plans of Wajood band:

We are in a process to make a journey that was started with a single step in 2004. Our album would be available on Itunes and Amazon for downloading in 2 weeks. Our album would be released in India in March 2010. Two amazing numbers from the new album are taken by bollywood industry (sorry cannot disclose the info).

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  1. Your music is ROCKS and is a big rock infront of our leading PK musicians. I never felt it was your first album. Outstanding work guys and who so ever recorded your album…he is a genius! Lyrics are my type and they always touch me whenever I listen to GHT, Haara or Rawan Rahe.

  2. @ Musty Bhai – I am agree with you, the band have a big potential but unfortunately no proper promotion campaign.

    Thanks for good lyrics and music, keep it up guys.


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