A multi-talented guitarist, a former member of notorious band Entity Paradigm, and current member of Rubberband, shares his views and talks about music. What he says about himself, “a simple guy with lot of attitude”.

Interview by Sadaf Fayyaz

Tell us something about your education.

I spent my childhood in Bahrain; I did my O-levels from Pakistan. My early childhood was spent at Bahrain.

How and when did you get interested in music?

When I was seventeen, I developed an interest in music.

What was the first instrument you learnt playing?

A guitar, of course.

What is your inspiration? Your favorite musicians and singers?

I like listening to Metal, R.D Burman and most of the 70’s and 80’s music,I am also a fan of Kishore Kumar. In fact, 90’s music doesn’t attract me much, but I love 70’s and 80’s music a lot.

What is the theme behind song “Chall”?

It’s a simple love story theme between a boy and a girl, the video starred Noman Ejaz and us. Just showing simple relationships and human emotions, (some interrogation you would also see in the video). There is nothing very complicated in the video.

Where you have been after EP disbanded?

Due to some personal circumstances, I had to go to UK in 2002. When I came back in 2006, EP wasn’t there. Ours is a Lahore based band. So in 2006, Rubberband was formed with Butt Sahib, Salman, Waqar and I. Talking about EP, the song “Humein Aazma” from serial “Jutt & Bond” was sent as a mutual effort to Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands. This is how, EP started.

What is importance of experimentation in music?

Well, our music does not lie into a specific category or genre like pop or rock, but is a fusion. There are tinges of rock, pop, hip hop and so on, thus a lot of music fusion. So all this comes from experimentation and innovation. I do believe in experimentation and working on new things.

How do you take critics?

I appreciate positive criticism, since these help us in improving work. But our audience is a bit less educated and criticism comes from every side. People simply do not realize that behind a certain song, so much of effort is carried out. It’s not only seeing the video and criticizing music, but one needs to be well learned and well-informed in order to criticize. If people even realize ten percent of the effort behind a composition, I think it would be great.

What are your activities/hobbies besides music?

I hardly have any time for any kind of activity. (Laughs) I teach music at my guitar school in Lahore. Besides that I like to watch movies and go out with friends. I love eating out as well.

Tell us something about guitar school.

The school doesn’t have any website yet, but we are working on that. The school aims at teaching basic guitar lessons to the beginners, offering three-month courses. The basic courses aim at teaching fundamentals like notes, chords, rhythm patterns and fundamental melodies. The advance courses are designed for those having some know-how of guitar. The advance courses aim at lead improvisation, mixing riffs and rhythms. In addition, we offer some workshops on photography, lyrics writing and melodic structuring too.

What is your philosophy/definition of music?

Anything good to listen to, that touches the heart and soul.

What kind of competition do you face in the music industry?

I think whatever the competition is, I know my weaknesses and strengths very well. If someone has a caliber of his own, he shouldn’t be scared of the competition at all.

Any upcoming project?

Yes, I started working on an instrumental album of mine. Besides being instrumental, it would be having drums, fusion, percussions and some folk touch too. Let us see when I am done with it. I will keep people updated on that.

Any message to readers of The Saturday Post?

Yes, grow up, be mature and try to analyze things in an educated and positive way.

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