Artist : Soch
Song : Parchaiyaan Feat. Rana Hassan
Official Website :

Vocals : Adnan Dhool
Guitars : Rana Hassan

Produced by Sam at PMR Studios.

Click Here to Download ‘ Parchaiyaan ‘ by Soch Feat. Rana Hassan

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  1. yahan pe koi kiu nahi comments pass kerta bhui…
    ye real talent hai ap log zara ghor fermain yahan per bhi…

  2. for the existance of creation it is must that dat creator shud be there….. so the band wanted get existence and then say some thing

  3. ok..i have listened to both the songs…
    sorry to say soch..the song perchaiyan that has been sung by you didnt empowers me like the one by the band wanted.
    so my vote is on the band wanted side. love the voice.

  4. The song Sung by Adnan is 1000% better than the band wanted vocalist umer …………… adnan rockssss

  5. subha yahan RANA HASSAN ki Jagha RANA MOHSIN likha tha
    ab yahan RANA HASSAN likh dea hai
    ajeeb topi daramay laga rahay ho tum log


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