Band: Kaffas
Song: Sawaal

Written/Composed/Arrangements by Muqeet Khan
Guitar Solo & Rhythms by Hassan Zafar
Bass by Shahbaz Khan
Drums by Tabbish

Produced by Waqqas Naeem

Dedicated To Shandana Saleem (Shani R.I.P)

Lyrics (Muqeet Khan):

Shayad nahi hai tera mera milan
teray meray is janam mein
is soch mein dooba hai yeh dil
kya kabhi mujhay tum apnaao gay

kya tum kya tum lout aao gay?
kya tum kya tum lout aao gay?

bhulla bhee doun yadoun say tujhko
phir khuaaboun mein kya tum aao gay
socha nahi tha tera aisa wajood
k sirf aik yaad say he rulaao gay

chor to challay ho tum merri rahoun ko
bhatak k hee per tum lout aao gay
in ankhoun mein hain jo sapnay meray
kissi janam mein haqeeqat banaao gay

kya tum lout aao gay?
kya tum lout aao gay?


tanha mujhko chor to challay ho
par yadoun say na tum mit pao gay
je loun ga mein issi khuahish mein
bhatak k he per tum lout aao gay

kya tum kya tum lout aao gay
kya tum kya tum lout aao gay

your comments:


  1. i like this! good music! good song! another successful track i’d say!
    even though its loud but the mixing sounds just right!

    6.8 / 10

  2. The track was fine. Melody was good. But like FAHAD said, Vocals were getting off at places plus Sound of Drums disappeared at places, so you could barely hear’em.

    My suggestions are that, you should do the vocals again and solve the E.Q issues. Rest is good. liked the over all melody. Out of all Kaffas tracks ‘Kyun’ is still on top! :p

  3. Niceeee Song………Phir hila diyaaa ………Kaffas Rocks……….awsome lyrics …..kafaas w8ing 4 another track

  4. 2/10
    lyrics make no sense and in the song u cant hear them wat hes singin vocals out at so many places…n dis wanna b touch n tryin to mold voice like e.p’z vocalist fawad wasnt a good idea..n man com’on dis woauuw woo thing hu told u to do it…firstly all off notes ure hitin secondly u cant do high scale n dont ve a long breath…also try to learn hw to leave ur voice in da end afta every word or line or alaap or newhr whr u stop singin…music isnt tat bad…so 2 out of 10 is jus wat music got..the band shud change da vocalist n rest of u try hard…

  5. Wow. One comes across a new underground band everyday, especially in Islamabad ( Where all the decent bands are) but it is rare to find good music. I must say, the only 3 underground bands worth recognition in Pakistan are Irtaash, Qiyaas and Kaffas.

    Awesome work boys, you guys do Pakistanis proud. Just know there will always be haters ( Fahad- Yucky vocalist) but, you guys rock 😀

  6. hahah…thanx alot ali abbas..means alot bro

    i take wat they say as healthy criticism ….althought i still havent been able to figure out the off parts of vocals as ive checkked it with metronome as well as autotuner…everything seemed to be in proper timing…and most of all its exactly the way we (kaffas) wanted it to be…so its all good…and ill still try to figure out what these guys are talking about and i appretiate their healthy criticism.

    overall we are getting a really great response on this song and thats what matters to us the most as this song has already been launched and theres nothing anyone can change about it now:P

    this song was recorded at a friends place (home recorded) so we cant actually compare the production with the mainstream and all….couldnt really record live drums because of that too…this song would be re-recorded for the album at Sarmad’s SNM studio so ill keep their points in mind for a better output.

    Muqeet Khan
    (Vocalist Kaffas)

  7. AWESOME Boy….. U smasheddddddd it this time…..amazin…love to see u grow…love the dedication…love the lyrics..!! Prayers are with u bruv. 🙂

  8. With no offense guys… If you people want to persue this career it’s a brotherly advice from me to give attention to your lyrics. These words don’t fall in the category of lyrics. Radeef-Qafia bhe koi cheez hoti ha. Be professionals….. y you people are giving a noob output. 🙁


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