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Furqan :- It’s a pleasure talking to you ‘Jehangir Aziz Hayat’. How have you been?
Jehangir :- I’ve been great, bro. Finally got my album mastered by Sarmad Ghafoor, who is a pure genius at what he does and an amazing person, released three promotional tracks and I’m all set for releasing the entire album as soon as the artwork is completed.

Furqan :- Why did you suddenly start using ‘Jehangir Aziz Hayat’ instead of ‘Jehangir Aziz’?
Jehangir :- I found out that I actually have a third name after getting my NIC made. Eighteen years too late?

Furqan :- So are there any updates about your upcoming album ‘Read Between the Lines’?
Jehangir :- Well the entire album is fully mastered now. It has a couple of heavy tunes and some slower ones as well. I’ve also recorded another version of “Never Change” and “Show Me Something Real” which would suit the consistent sound of the record. It feels great to know that a lot of people actually remembered them.

Furqan :- Are there any specific issues that you’ve dealt with in your lyrics or is it just random?
Jehangir :- Most of the songs are about my father and the amount of strength his character holds. Some are related to my point of view and others are more about how I imagined my father’s perception to have been. The lyrics also served me in reflecting over my actions in the past few years after releasing “Never Change” and how I felt about all the new experiences that have added different shades to my life.

Furqan :- In this world how has the music industry especially Pakistani music industry treated you?
Jehangir :- I’ve been fortunate enough to have come across two of the best musicians in the country such as Sarmad and Sajid Ghafoor. Sajid has always been an inspiration and my knowledge bank when it comes to music and life and Sarmad has taught me everything from how to strum a chord to how to record. Sarmad helped me improve my vocal technique and guitar skills while we were recording the album. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have met the two brothers long before I had the patience to record anything.

Furqan :- Your music, which is very different from the normal mainstream music in Pakistan, was well received by the young people. What are your views on that?
Jehangir :- Well, it feels great knowing that there are a lot of people that I can relate to back home. It would be great to see some more Megadeth and Pantera influenced bands coming up to the metal scene in Pakistan and rock out.

Furqan :- Who inspired you to start music and writing your own songs?
Jehangir :- It started off with Kurt Cobain and Sajid Ghafoor. I loved how both of them could come up with such catchy tunes which would just get stuck in your head from the moment you were to hear the tracks. But after a few years my perception of the world changed and so did my direction in music. I started listening to heavier artists like Pantera and Megadeth. I felt it was easier for me to vent out my frustration while focusing on this form of music and it has served me well so far.

Furqan :- There are rumours regarding your song ‘Show me something real’ appearing as an OST for a Hollywood movie. Is that true?
Jehangir :- No, though it sure did help in lifting my spirit that week!

Furqan :- How do you see yourself in the next five years?
Jehangir :- I see myself working in a well-established firm which I hope, would allow me to sustain my thirst for knowledge and music.

Furqan :- Would you prefer staying an independent artist or joining a major label? Why?
Jehangir :- It would great knowing that a major label could organize the entire process. Though I know the air of being independent has an entirely different story to it.

Furqan :- Was it always your plan to produce your songs on your own or it just happened?
Jehangir :- In the beginning I was keen on forming a band. However, I never came across people that had an interest in the same type of music so I ended up recording the entire album by myself. Though I have collaborated with a couple of musicians from Peshawar and Islamabad and I have learned a lot from working with them.

Furqan :- How do you see the new upcoming artists in Pakistan? Are there any artists that you currently heard of and would like to mention here?
Jehangir :- There are a few musicians out there who I am proud to actually call friends. Most of you will know about Sajid and Sarmad Ghafoor. Their music, in my opinion, is still unmatched by any in the music industry of Pakistan. Other than the two geniuses I’ve mentioned, Saad Salman is another amazing musician with whom I recorded a couple of tracks with back in Islamabad. If you are looking for a drummer that would sound exactly like Dave Ghrol then Saad is the man.

Furqan :- Can we expect more music videos from you in the future and if yes then which song and when?
Jehangir :- Yes. I am planning on recording a video for “Pretend to Be” whenever I get the time. Hopefully by then I would’ve found a director having a similar idea about the song.

Furqan :- How’s it like managing time with studies and music, both?
Jehangir :- It hasn’t been giving me a problem lately mainly because I get to take part in the Rock and Jazz clubs around this area once a week. But I do admit that I need my daily portion of aggression which does carry me away especially when the assignments are related to similar issues.

Furqan :- What do you prefer to call yourself? Guitarist or Vocalist?
Jehangir :- A vocalist.

Furqan :- Are you working for any other music projects other than your solo project? If yes, then explain.
Jehangir :- Yes. Last year, I met Saad Salman and formed a band known as “Serving Servants.” We started working on a project focused mainly on the Grunge sound of Nirvana. Hopefully we’ll be able to record a couple of songs with Sarmad during my break.

Furqan :- Except for rock, what kind of music genres do you like?
Jehangir :- Metal and Jazz. I know how strange that might sound to
have put both the genres in the same sentence.

Furqan :- Do you prefer singing live or in the studio?
Jehangir :- Definitely live! One is able to feel a lot more energy while performing live.

Furqan :- For how long have you been making music?
Jehangir :- Sheesh. I cannot recall. I think I was twelve when I made my first song. I remember it was called “Zero” because most of the notes on guitar were played on open strings.

Furqan :- Anyone you would like to thank?
Jehangir :- For teaching me about life and its code? Definitely my father and mother.

Furqan :- Is there any advice for the young and upcoming artists like you?
Jehangir :- Clench your fists and raise them high where everyone can see them. Let them know what you are and what you can do.

Furqan :- Thanks a lot for your precious time ‘Jehangir’. I wish you best of luck for the future. May you succeed and hoping to see you at the top. Thumbs up.

Interview by : Furqan Ur Rehman (PMR Malaysia)

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  1. this guy is extremely talented!
    shoutout to Jehangir!
    and ofcourse this version of Never Change was a treat to listen to aswell 🙂

    Ali Tabish,
    Cold Bullet.

  2. Nice interview by you, Furqan. Jehangir seems to be an interesting artist. And yes, metal and jazz sounds absolutely possible, make it, break the rules !

  3. Nice interview by you, Furqan. Jehangir seems to be an interesting artist. And yes, metal and jazz sounds absolutely possible, make it, break the rules !

    Best wishes,


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