PMR got hold of the two lead guys arslan sherwani & bilal rashid so we asked them a few questions about what is stopstyle that is shaking in lahore

PMR:First of all thank you for giving us your valuable time, and a very belated happy Ramadan Kareem to you
Arslan & Bilal:Welcome and same to you 🙂

stopstyle team [ from right arslan,farhan,shayan,bilal and in the back usman]

PMR: Let’s start from your beginning; What is Stopstyle and since when and how did it form?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Stopstyle is basically a group of creative individuals who are changing the trends of photography by their
Vibrant imagination and creativity, Stopstyle was officially formed a year ago but as we all are friends and shared photography as a hobby for a long time so we decided to pursue it professionally.

PMR: Tell Us About Stopstyle’s team and what Are Their Roles?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
The Stopstyle Crew ( as we like to refer to it ) is 5 people in all … they are :

Arslan Khan Sherwani is the Business Analyst and is responsible for coordinating all of our shoots.
Bilal Rashid is a photographer and the business manager
Farhan Khan Sherwani takes care of post production and is the art director for our shoots.
Usman Rajjad is the fashion photographer.
Shayan Khan Sherwani is the fashion photographer.

PMR: Tell us about the start of your professional career?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
It has been a roller coaster ride this first year working professionally as all young companies we did run into issue’s starting off but we believe we have grown and learnt from those experiences and have come out better and stronger.

PMR: Do you plan your events & media work before hand or things just come your way?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Planning is required for all shoots there are some things that we do spontaneously but that is not too often

PMR: Do You Have This Business Internationally ,if yes where ?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Not at this point in time but we do plan on growing into the middle east and India eventually..

PMR: How Pakistani media has changed over-time or improved in your view?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
the Internet age has changed the face of our media .. we are a lot more visible even new start ups like ourselves can easily promote our work to the masses and get recognition we recently celebrated a 1000 fans on our face book fan page which would have been impossible before Social media and Facebook.

PMR: How Can People Contact You and See Your Work ?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Through Stopstyle’s website i.e www.stopstyleproductions.com which will be launched very soon,but for now people can visit our facebook group i.e http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stopstyle-Productions/36907187462

PMR: How Do You Promote Yourself in the Media?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Through Word of mouth at this point in time. Our Fans are our biggest promoters and we thank them for that.

PMR: we See Stopstyle Doing Work that No One in the Pakistani Media Has Done Ever Before ?,any top secrets ? *hehe*
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
We don’t believe in secret formulas … we just try to stay cutting edge try things that we feel have not been done before and just do the best job we can.

PMR: Any Regrets till Now?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
We believe in learning from our mistakes and not to have regrets, so yes there have been mistakes over time but we have learnt from them.

PMR: What disturbs you the most when you are doing work?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Biggest Disturbance i would have to say has been WAPDA :p … sucks to be in the middle of the shoot with the momentum going and to have the electricity go out… other than that people who are unprofessional who do no show up on time and stuff

PMR: Do You Guys See Yourself that you are in the top list in the market
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Eventually yes … at this point in time we have a lot of prove there are a lot of very good people in the market right now who are doing a lot of very good work.

PMR: What are The Difference between STOPSTYLE and other companies in the Market?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Our work … distinguishes us from the other companies we have a distinct style which sets us apart from everybody else.

PMR: In General, Around how much does STOPSTYLE charge for a portfolio and commercial Shoots?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Depends on how complex the project is and how much effort and work is required.. we usually charge anywhere from 15-25 thousand Pkr for portfolio shoots. Commercial shoots are very varied anywhere from 30 to 100k

PMR: Beside’s Photography What Else Do You Guys Do?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
There is a lot of talent in Stopstyle besides our Photography talents. Farhan is an aspiring vocalist and guitar player, Bilal is a successful entrepreneur, event manager and PR guy, Shayan is a specialist web designer.

PMR: Does STOPSTYLE stands at a high pace in market as compared to MARAM AND AABROO?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Maram and Aabroo are brilliant at what they do. and we are very very young at this stage.

PMR: Tell us about your next project in the Market ?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
We are working with an up and coming Spa and Salon to do a set of Shoots with fantasy themes exactly what StopStyle is great at and we just recently did another shoot with Dj Shahrukh that will blow everybody away.

PMR: How do you see the internet market in terms of a marketing tool?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Internet marketing is the future. We rely very heavily on it to spread our work out to the masses and to eventually get business.

PMR: We’d love to have a word from you for PakmediaRevolution and it’s team ?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Keep up the great work that you guys are doing. It is great to see people rising up and taking notice of the Pakistani music industry and actually striving to make a difference and do a good job… two thumbs up…

PMR: Lets Wrap this thing up,any last words for your fans ?
Arslan Sherwani & Bilal Rashid:
Thank you every single person out there who has ever seen our work and liked it .. we are humbled by your love and support and will keep doing our best to not let you down 🙂 …
StopStyle Out !!!

Interview by: Azher Akber,Sohaib Shah
Edited by: Mahek Shaikh,Murtaza Reza
Published by : Azher Akber

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  1. when i first sat down with these people, i ssaw them as kids who were ino photography for the fun of it. somethign that would fade away..
    But once i saw their work, it literrally blew me away.
    Their Ideas, expertise and their spirit really sets them apart. but what impressed me most about them ( and i tested it as well ) was to intepret the Clients’s visioin and bring it to reality (in pictures ofcourse). in other words, they have the power and abililty to replicate the picture in the client’s mind……and i have a very disturbing and dark gothic photo shoot of me to prove it from their early days.
    In their early days, i had the pleasure of being a subject for a test shoot. i have to say that it was a refreshing experince.

    Friends or not, i do believe these guys will make a name for themselves in this field. their ideas and their vision will set them apart from the rest of the people in this field…

    as for me… i still have not decided if i want a BB bold or a BB storm….and im sure i probably never will make a decision on it….


  2. some members of stop style maybe a bit too over their heads whatever maybe the reason
    try to remember friend
    who did u hurt recently?


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