The night of 28 June 2009 was one o the worst night in the history of Pakistani Music as Crowd goer went mad and started destructing the musical equipments because of the absence of eP

The story goes like that eP along with Qayaas and Kharaj had to perform at Lok Virsa Theatre Open(Islamabad) on 28 June 2009.Everyone came to watch the performance of the pioneers of Rock Music Industry of Pakistan.The Concert organizers informed Crowd till 12 am that eP is late and would soon be performing meanwhile Qayaas and Kharaj played a rocking performance to make the concert going.Approximately at 12:30 am the crowd showed their frustration at peak,some people came on stage and started harming the sound equipments as eP were not performing in that concert

When eP was asked that why they were not present in the concert so Fawad AFzal Khan -lead vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist said that “it is due to miss management of the organizers eP was not able to perform tonight. Hoping for a true concert really soon! Sorry everyone…”

In another statement from his Facebook profile, Fawad stated, “Management didnt let us perform and were screwed up.. We were ready, but they caused issues”

There were already many questions running in minds of eP maniacs so one of them called Haassan khalid – manager and Bassist of eP so he stated that “eP were not being paid by the organizers even though they were ready to perform.”

Now the question is who should be blame for? eP or Organizers?

Well thats for sure that eP was all prepared for this concert as before one day of concert Waqar Khan – drummer of eP made the status on his facebook profile that ” Isloo here i come . . .”
Official News : eP will launch a video for it on music channels and then webs. eP was not paid and thats the true reason.

PMR exclusively brings you the clip of reaction of Crowd at the concert

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Article by : Arsal A. Jafri

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  1. A good article. but EP are certainly not the pioneers of Rock Music Industry here in Pakistan.

  2. E.P. didnt even showed up for the sound check, they were not in the mood to Play in the concert. E.P. may be pioneer band of Pakistan but they cant survive more in this industry… Thumbs down to E.P.

  3. Quoting
    “Arsal A.Jafri on June 29th, 2009 at 6:28 pm:

    eP is one of the pioneers of Rock INdustry ;)”

    I’ll reserve my comments about the statement itself. I have been part of underground rock scene since start of 90’s and certainly I’m not one of the pioneers … it was all there even before that!!!

    By this statement, Mr. Jafri just missed out the pioneers of that era including but not limited to Eastern Boys, Coven, Entity (read my comments below about Entity & eP), Hash Addiction, Midnight Madness, Mind Riot and above all “Trip”. If anyone has any doubt about my statement, feel free to reach Nadeem Hassan Paracha (editor, The News) and he might be able to provide you with the pictorial and printed proof.

    And eP is NOT, I repeat NOT Entity … I’ve been with Entity since its conception, even when it’s name was under consideration during the fall of 1993 sitting there at F.C. student canteen … and I know Paradigm since their conception too, rather before that (1999 to be exact). eP officially came into being in 2002 that has nothing to do with the individual bands’ history as such.

    It takes a lot more to be pioneer than just a (so-called) commercially successful album. I tried to provide the un-biased facts, rest is all up to reader!

  4. @rocker

    eP is one of the pioneers of Rock Industry as their impact is much visible to us .. and the names of bands u mention so let me tel u there were more ug bands doing metal and rock so they can also be call pioneers..duh?

  5. The sources are :

    * Fawad’s first statement takin from the official group of Entity Paradigm at Facebook

    * Fawad’s second statement taken from his facebook fan page/profile

    * Hassan Khalid statement is posted by “Junaid Zaman malik” at the official eP facebook grp

    * Official eP news has been asked frm the band eP by PMR exclusively..!

    These are the sources which are easily visible at eP Facebook grp and Fawad’s Fan page

    – Arsal A.Jafri

  6. E.P. today iz not the band which we all knew before, Now they are only bunch of crap, both of their live performances sucked big time and now they are just greedy to earn money then to play some good music. E.P. should not forget that they are only respected coz of their fans.

  7. @Arsal

    I won’t go deep down and explain how and what Sohail wrote this post of his, but if you visit this post written by KoolMuzone over on You’ll how the writing style and the natural flow of both posts are similar. I am not here to fight or anything, but to simply state a point, a fact and the truth.

    Sohail had a look at the original post and rewrote it in his own words. 🙂

  8. Look at this line from the post above:

    “In another statement from his Facebook profile, Fawad stated, “Management didnt let us perform and were screwed up.. We were ready, but they caused issues”

    And this line from the original post in the link above:

    “In another statement from his Facebook profile, Fawad stated, “Managment didnt let us preform and were screwed up.. We were ready, but they caused issues””

    There is not even a speck of a difference, and it goes against the writing style that Sohail adopted.

  9. The article was really badly written, it is depressing to see such grammer. Murzie please keep a check on the quality of your site.


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