Artist : Xaib
Song : Pehla Pyaar

Another upcoming Musician has emerged from the Pakistani Music Industry with a new twist


Has been involved in music industry for several years & has dedicated his past 2 years towards launching his first music album. Besides that, he has done some modeling for designers like Aasia Sail and for some newspapers.

He has always dedicated himself to the performing arts and has done comparing & acting besides singing all through his life.

Now he is determined to launch his first music album and has been working hard to give you a superb quality music.

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  1. xaib dear song n music both r very nice n attractive…. but TUM NAY DEKHA TO… yahan say aap besuray ho gaye thy phir apnay dubara sur pakra… but very nice song…. keep it up man…. try jari rakho….

  2. Xaib ur song is awsome and rocking wht a punk song and music is well produced , when you are releasing ur video .

  3. nice song but is it for your boyfriend? is there any chance that I can be your boyfriend?? .. wish you all the best!

  4. you did not do anything different. hoo hooo hooo < whether you do in the starting or in the end, it does not make your song different. Your lyrics what matters, and there should be something called “feel” that was missing in the song.
    I rate 4/10.

  5. Singing outclass, nice song, lyrics are awesome, music ok. Overall excellent try! Keep trying!! And don’t forget to tell your friends about your upcoming compositions.


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