Artist: Salman Asif
Song: Tumhi Tum

My singing career started from 31 December 2001 when i did my first live performance at a college in Islamabad (Pakistan)at the age of 16. It was a three hours performance. Subsequently i started doing paid gigs for colleges, universities and NGOs like USAID. I have performed at many events in India aswell as in the UK. I have also completed a project of 35 educational songs with Education Sector Reforms Assistance programme (a USAID funded education project) The songs were used for educating or teaching english and maths to children in rural areas of Pakistan.Currently those songs are being used in government schools of Pakistan to educate the children all over.I made a tour to India to attend the cultural youth festival 2005 in Ludhiana where i performed at focal point Dossehra in front of more than 50000(fifty thousand) people. After that i was interviewed by the press, the link to that document is TV channels like star news also interviewed me.

On my return i got an offer from the UK to perform at a few fundraising concerts for the Earth Quake victims. I flew off to the UK and performed in London, Birmingham and Reading. As i returned to Pakistan, i was offered a record deal from a Birmingham based record label who was interested in doing an album project with me.I had to refuse due to some family problems.

Now i am in the UK completing my degree in business Management from Queen Mary Uni of London. Have alot of offers from DJs and some well known record labels to work with. I am currently looking into those and doing gigs. I have also recorded my debut single which could be checked online on youtube or facebook and i have also attached it to this e mail. I sing in English, Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi and Arabic. I am self taught, haven’t taken proper training from anyone in music.

P.S The song’s been written, composed and sung by me.

Thank you!

Salman Asif

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