Artist: Uzair Jaswal (OzZy)
Song: Sou Ja / Yaheen

With a fresh sound, soulful music and catchy lyrics, Uzair Jaswal from Islamabad is slowly but surely making his way to the top of Pakistan’s Music Industry,with everyone in islamabad humming the tune of his debut single β€˜Yaheen’, he is undoubtly the next big thing to come out of pakistan.

Check out for his latest release ‘ Sou Ja ‘ acoustic version, another melodic number from talented Uzair.

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  1. …………..yaar i have heard him live at da PMCA during Pahtom of the Opera……….man he is gud…..he is from islamabad and his bro. has a Underground band namely “IRTAASH”…………he is Studing at IQRA UNIVERsITY..MAn he is gud

  2. sou ja is awesome! – but i think uzair should cut down on fake gora accent of his otherwise he is pretty awesome

  3. Dang……. Uzair this is really nice!! I had previously heard “Yaheen” which was a nice song, but I’m really loving “Sou Ja” it sounds really nice as an acoustic version. Excellent job keep it up, I really love your vocals!

    Man…. Jaswal bros are really rockin it πŸ˜€

  4. The owner of the site must be the father of the Jaswal brothers, lol just kidding

    Wow i mean this is unbelievable all of the three brothers are in the highlight section of the site creating havoc, one after another who could have actually thought that? I knew that these guys were from Islamabad but never saw that coming
    First landmark that started the journey in this website was the dark and intense vocalist Umair Jaswal of Qayaas, then came the legend boy Yasir Jaswal of Irtaash and then this the magical voice sensation Ozzy Jaswal, I wonder who’s next
    This is certainly a great revelation for me after after getting to know they were all brothers, The Jaswal’s have finally found what’s really common in them πŸ˜›

  5. Eee, I find both the songs REALLY nice!

    The music of ‘Sou ja’ kinda reminds me of Richard Marx’s “More than words can say” *teehee*

    Irtaash is <3 !!

    Rock on guys! \m/

  6. he is one of my frnds….
    meray sat parta tha asas mayyyyy….
    boht tc karni parti thi is ki, gana sunay k liya,,,
    vl my frnd, hv fun n gud lck

  7. Bro i wish u all the best in times to come… buss keep me posted n send over the DVs πŸ˜‰ intime so that i can also air it where i can ….. good show and i believe its just the begining … u have a long way to go

  8. What a freshly sweet sound.
    I was missing the style of the guitar playing you have used in this song, and here it is πŸ™‚
    Makes it a lovely song, even better with your stylish voice.

    Best wishes,
    – Y

  9. i dont know why u people r praising him… dese songs r not up to the standards… frienmds u should tell em so he should not waste his time n money… n people want change iy\ts not the change..

  10. its the same like the first song..ozzi try 2 bring sumfin new aur ull make ppl sleep..sau ja sau ja lol.chintoo mintoo try hard

  11. Ozy boi i like the composition of YAheen and you have done a good job with it.

    Regarding the other track…well Sou ja is a lil over rated…may be you have to work and kill the fake accent. I have heard you live a number of times, you are good enough….you shouldnt add the accent to your voice !
    Be yourself and you will rule!

    Godspeed !

  12. this is completely fazool , i dont knwo whats wrong with ppl praising his voice…and btw get down the reverb on vocals in the track…anyhow its trashy to me…but keep on rocking

  13. aWeSoMe MaN! I ReaLLy LiKeD “YaHeeN” iTs ReaLLy GooD!

    WaT a FaMiLy iT iS!

    The “JASWALs” r ReaLLy SHiNNiNg. YaSiR, uMaiR & uZaiR. THeY aLL r Gr8 WiTH a ReaLLy PoWeRFuLL VoiCE!

    \m/ LovE U JaSWaLs! \m/

  14. ufff..hez so disguisting..yar ozair jao gana to seekh lo pehlay..aik to u look lyk gay as our whole iqra uni says abt u ..uper say ur gayish songz..eee..get a lyf plz..n plz agay kam bezat ni ho iqra ki gurls main jo gana b shru ker dia hai…

  15. ^ at above user, you’re being personal here. You’re just supposed to comment on the song, rather dragging all that is irrelavant. Calling gay to one doesn’t do you good, rather you’re considered or seen as not a good person.

    Moving on with song.
    Let’s start with constructive comment. Acoustic version has always been something which attracted me, but your song.. sigh* the delay coming is not very much appealing. The way you’re singing is same, not appealing. I would recommend you to hear your own song again and again and figure out flaws/defects. “sou jaa”..

    But on the bright edge, you can polish your voice a bit more, acoustic playing skills can be more improved.
    Best of luck!


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