Artist: Khawahish The Band
Song: Khamosh (Unplugged)

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  1. gr88!!! a lovely song guyss!! i expect much more from dis band!!!! the two coolllll dudezzz rockssss………… 🙂

  2. Fantastic Songgggg…… plz anyone tell me where is this band from??.. Really guys you’ve made a masterpiece!! Keep it Up

  3. i don’t what is so special about this track! average lyrics, okay composition and the tuner is very easily audible!

    just for your betterment dude! don’t take it as something negative!

  4. @ Ali..

    Man jus tell me one thing.. you are talking about tuners… have you ever heard them in a live gig? i have… man they literally rocked the crowd @ UCP… Man this guy has one of the most toned vocals than any other vocalist now in industry.. Literally man you gotta listen to them.. and about the composition and lyrics man they are awesome… u are probably the only person commenting like this…

  5. great song guys.. do you know i’ve been humming it since i’ve listened to it… you guys plz come to islamabad for a gig…. looooooooooooooveeeeee this sonnngggggg………

  6. Hey Faryal it’s not only you. me and ma friends who have listened to it are crazzy for this song…. i dont know whether it jus this guy in the pic with khawahish the band or there are other members too… but seriousllyyy reallyyy wanna see your vedio sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn……… Really Love This Songggg

  7. Thanks aloot folks for all your love and apreciation towards this song… we really appritiate your comments and they are really valueable to us… And yes Khawahish the band has two members me “EDDY (in the picture)” the lead vocalist and ROHAN the lead and rhythm guitarist of the band….
    and yes we’ll be soon comming to your city for a gig… all you people join our page at face book with the name of KHAWAHISH the band and get latest updates on our tour plans and many more…

    Eddy (khawahish the band)

  8. Here is the lost member of the band… Lolzzz :P…

    Khawahish The Band is Lahore based. We are currently doing our schedule for gigs. You can visit the facebook page for further contact info for gigs…

  9. bhhhttt he sweeeeeettttttt songgg haiiiiiii…. it’s like this guy is pleeding for someone… awwwww that is sooooooo sweeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt……. Best of Luck guys…

  10. kamal hai bhi!!! gana mahol bana k suno tau mahol hee ban jata hai :p

    nai really , really a nice song!!! keep on entertaining us…. i will wait 🙂

  11. hey guys i am an indian guy always keep looking for pakistani music…. and after all listening to almost all the song this song realy touched my heart and this song should also b taken in some movie…. mindblowing song by Khawahish the band

  12. well done!! u guys hv to go a long way so keep trying… my prayers r wid u!!
    aur song bht acha all ways 🙂

  13. Excellent Song… Love the melody… when are you starting gigs….. do some of them in islamabad,,,, best of luck guys

  14. Hey Guys just listened to this song. and jus wanna say that it a beautifull and a mesmerizing song. beautifully written, composed and sung… 10/10 from my side… jus wanna see you guys in live gigs too…


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