Artist: Furqan Ur Rehman ft. Ali Tabish
Song: Kabhi Ghum Na Ayey

Furqan Ur Rehman
My music journey started 6 years back.I did many songs in between joined many bands. My Debut release was a doom song which released under my band “Andaaz” in 2003 where I provided the lead vocals and the project disbanded before staying a “one man band” for a long time and that brought an end to my vocals for some years. In January 2007 we released a song “Rokna Nahin” through my band “Darkpole” that did pretty well. I composed & wrote the track and played the guitars this time and vocals were performed by “Hyder Ali”. This song was totally different from that doom release and was labeled as a guitar oriented pop song. Unfortunately Darkpole also disbanded & I reunited Andaaz to work in a completely different direction and that was “Pop” with another vocalist “Saqlain”.Andaaz also managed to last a single song “Na Aashna”.

Therefore I started singing again & writing my own album in around 2005 and came up with a lot of songs. Kabhi gham na aayay is a song I wrote by accident I dont know how but, it just came to my mind. I wrote the first verse and chorus instantly. Then I almost threw the song away but kept in my song catalogue for future. I then started a post grunge project “Cold Bullet” with Ali Tabish (releasing a couple of songs). Later, I showed some of my solo compositions to Ali.He helped me complete the song and after a lot of lazy attitude we finally managed to complete it and here it is. I would like to thank a lot of people who were there for me especially My Family,Hyder Ali,Ali Gardezi,Ali Tabish,Fahad Humayun Chohan,Yumna Sheikh & Rabia Ahmed. Here is my solo effort.Hope you’ll like it.

Ali Tabish
One fine day when Furqan shared this thought of a new song, i was very amazed to see the work. It simply touched my heart. So, i told i him lets work together on this song. Then we met and did a live version of it, which personally we loved. Then later when time came Furqan asked me to complete the lyrics, then the brainstorming began we here we are with this. And to add the sense of belonging Furqan asked me to do the harmonies and a lil’ bit of alaaps for the final touches to the song. Here is our final piece fellows.

I really hope you enjoy our solo release. 🙂

Here are the lyrics to the song:-

aaj phir dekha
tera khilta chehra
kuch nahin hai
meray paas
bus teri hai talaash

is hanstay huay chehray ko
kabhi gham na aayay
bus yeh mujh pay chah jae

haathon ki lakeeron pay
naam hai tera likha
kuch nahin hai teray baghair
intezaar hai sham-o-sehr

yeh barasta hua badal bhi
kahin tham na jae
bus yeh mujh pay chah jae

“Tera meray saath

Dil nay aaj phir pukara
phir wohi naam tumhara

your comments:


  1. hhmm not smething xtra ordinary .. simple ordinary line to linee song
    vocals need alot alot alot of improvementss …….
    production is not upto the marks..
    nice lyrics “Is Hanstay Hoay Chehray Ko Kabhi Ghum Na Aaye”
    the line whch is by Terry is nice … Bt the choruss iss realii horriblee
    it could be mch better .. hope to see yew more from yew ..
    Overall average ..
    Sorry if i m wrong smewhre .. *!

  2. Awesome !

    well done Furqan and Ali bhai !

    Especially for someone who is at the start of his career !

    btw : everyone makes fault
    they will learn , but this is a very nice start

    must listen for everyone !

  3. fuuuuuuuurrqqqqqqqqiiiiiiiiiii u rock..i really liked it..lakin can u please send me the translation..its sounds soo nice 😀 and your picture is soo nice as well love from :Nooji

  4. good song by my senior its music is awsome those people who dont know the value of apprecition they dont have rights to criticize


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