According to Ghazi the Band listening to their music should feel like you’re on a journey. As you travel from destination to destination the music paints a new landscape. From Trance to Dance and Pop to Hip Hop it’s like a genre hopping extravaganza mastering each impeccably. The most exciting thing about this band is that they constantly experiment with sound.

Ghazi the Band has synthesized a signature sound that one can only attempt to label. With a solid history and unwavering dedication, their aural assault continues. From the harmonizing vocals of Ubaid, to the sound synthesis of Ghazi, to the shredding guitars of Hash, to the stout rhythms and beats, this band fires on all cylinders. Cylinders that power an engine of intense songs, melodic yet aggressive and are fueled by insightful, soulful lyrics.

Hash’s mind blowing solos and hypnotic vocal transitions melded with Ghazi’s lightening fast sound synthesis, keyboard antics mixed with Ubaid’s vocal nuance brings out a new variety in Pakistani Music. Refusing to pay heed to the rules of any particular genre of music, their sound will mesmerize you.

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Download Links:
Ghazi – Tere Bina
Ghazi – Tere Bina (Trance Mix)
Ghazi – Sochta Hoon

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