Abhi Kabhi Sabhi By Rameez Khalid (Official Music Video)

We usually do not live in the moment. We are more concerned with what happened (past) or what will happen (future) and that’s the recipe for our discontent. This song #AbhiKabhiSabhi by #RameezKhalid is not advertisement for ‘mindfulness’ but yet it is about living the moment. A state where both pleasant (happy) and unpleasant (unhappy) experience is meant to embraced as part of our existential reality. #Livinginthemoment can free us from many burdens that we wrongly assume due to ours or others expectations. How can you learn to go with the ‘flow’ of the moment if you being too tied to past traumas or future anxieties, not really there.

Vocals and Composition : Rameez Khalid
Lyrics : Rameez Khalid & Sarmad Ghafoor
Audio Production : Sarmad Ghafoor (SnM Studios , Islamabad)
Director / Dp : Zeeshan Parwez
Drone Operator : Mohammad Zeeshan Siddiqui
Unit B Cam Operator & Drone : Munem Qureshi
Assistant : Faizan David
Make Up : Qaiser Pasha
Violin : Ben Sarfas
Drums : Rich Millin

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